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Kerala Communications HR Solution is a full service HRD consulting company promoted by highly motivated & experienced HR entrepreneurs from across the country. It has made its mark in the field of Human Resource Consulting in a very short duration.

MISSION OF Kerala Communications HR Solutions

Our mission is making entire candidates with full of confidence and leadership skill.

FEATURES OF Kerala Communications HR Solutions

We provides information regarding employment opportunities, academic possibilities and allied services.

We ensures equal opportunities and services to every candidate who approach Kerala Communications.

We enhances the efficiency of candidates in all aspects

We creates extreme confidence and will.

Kerala Communications HR Solutions is an institute of guaranteeing candidates having perspective vision and approach for facing any hard and sharp situations in his/her carrier and life.

Current Openings

Currently we have the following openings

1. MBBS Doctors

2. Gastroentrologist

3. Gynecologist

4. Peadiatricians

5. RMO

6. Orthopedic Surgeons

7. Neurologist

8. Radiologist

9. Physicians

10. Opthomologist

Those who are interested to work in Kerala, send updated CV to careers@keralacommunications.com


Simply Click http://jobs.keralacommunications.com and upload Your CV